Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Only took me 20 years to finish it

have quite a few UFOs (unfinished objects). I get waylaid with other distractions and then forget about the then project and so on..if you get the picture. I'm no way near as bad as my mother used to be, though:O)

So, I am on the last bit of this cardi. I started it 20 years ago. This half finished garment has always been around begging to be sorted. It's been one of those "I'll get round to it in a bit" projects. Now, due to a decluttering urge, I'm determined to finish it. I was slimmer in those days so it won't fit me anyway (I'll thought I'd sell it) plus I've lost the pattern, so I'm finishing it off on a wing and a prayer. I've got the button strip to sew on, then the buttons and it'll be done!! Taraaa!! Sewing knitted bits together is for me the worst bit, as I'm way too impatient. Maybe that's why it's taken so long.

I was so pleased with myself after I'd sewn the penultimate strip on, that I laid out the cardi for a gander, imagining the finished garment with new owner and me with lots of money in payment. Left it there, of course, on comfy armchair as beauty sleep was calling. What does Min find when she comes down in the morning.... but aged cat curled up, snug as a bug on my precious item. She looked so comfy and snuggly that I didn't have the heart to boot her off. So, cardi has a new owner. Muppet meet Cardi, Cardi meet Muppet.


Theresa said...

You weren't joking when you said they own you!

Luckily, Nacho came pre-microchipped (and de-sexed, wormed, vaccinated) from the RSPCA. It definitely gives me peace of mind.

dawny said...

again lovely
- i must blog some of my bits.
Lucky Muppet :o)
It's a very nice cardi, I like the bobbly bits.